Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend sight-seeing

We've just had a great weekend sight-seeing. Emma had a very hard day with back pain on Saturday but we were still able to drive out into the Pennsylvania countryside to the Amish "Dutch Country". We were amazed just how many horses and carts we saw. It was a very strange place - the horses and carts were mainly driven by boys or men with no passengers. The carts are old style but with modern rear-view mirrors and indicators. They race along highways battling tour buses and on-coming traffic. It appeared that the women were home sweeping - the most common activity we saw at the farm houses. We drove around the countryside for a couple of hours. I had told my boss that I was tired of technology and that I might stay with the Amish but we didn't really make contact so I'm still not sure about that one. Sunday we had a slow start and then went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (photos from the steps of the museum are below). Emma's health was much better on Sunday and we all had a great time and felt very cultured. We were surprised at how many of the classics were in the museum; Monet, Renoir, Picasso, van Gogh etc.


  1. Enjoyed the pics. Great to see you having time out from the hosp routine.
    Looks like the temps have improved.

  2. Fantastic pics and didnt know you guys were stars !!!! Love Shaz n Bruce xx

  3. Hey emma. Hey it's awesome to hear about your improvements and how you're doing. You're sleeping! it's amazing! Be strong, hang in there through the pain, i know you'll be okay, you're so strong.
    I've been doing a couple jobs for mates. one gearbox rebuild and one clutch, gettin some money from them ta finish my car get it road legal this weekend =]
    Miss ya heaps and can't wait to see you when you get back.

    Lot of luv, Hayden