Saturday, March 28, 2009

5th Day & First Week Complete

Emma has finished the infusion today in high spirits. The infusion was over a longer period today so the patients could be more coherent when the Dr did his rounds. Julian and I had a chance to speak to the Dr after the infusion and he said he was pleased with the progress to date. Emma is less sensitive around her neck and arms and is now able to wriggle her toes on her right foot - her toes were pretty much frozen before. Her hands are still warm and overall she is doing really well. He said that next week is where we will see the most improvements.
It's now 2.30pm and instead of sleeping Emma is keen to go for a look around the neighbourhood so we are off shopping!


  1. Rapt to get your news today.
    Keep on with the twinkle toes Emma.
    Real cool you were well enough for some well deserved retail therapy !
    Love from us Both xoxoxoxo

  2. I am so happy for you all that it has been so successful and happy shopping especially twinkle toes !!! Love you heaps xx

  3. So great to hear your news!! Sounds loke you may have even more spectacular results next week. Love to all.

  4. We're with you all the way, Emma. Good luck and god bless, kind regards to you all, Kaye and Ern.