Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday - Double Black

Yes - two Friday the 13ths in a row as we crossed the date line. We'll call it lucky though. The only issue we had was that the rental car company were out of both GPS's and maps. We travelled from LAX to Anaheim using only an A4 size photo copy map of LA. We found ourselves on the pacific coast highway which surely was not the fastest route but quite interesting and we eventually found our hotel about 4 hours later after a battle with a strange numbering system on our street which is 10 miles long. I spent the evening downloading the USA western region map for our own GPS and wishing I had done that before we left. The car is a dodge charger which impressed Luke - we needed a full size car to fit the wheelchair in. Not much room left for luggage! Yesterday we had a great day at Disneyland and had fine navigation there by none other than Darth Vader (via our GPS). Today's travelling was navigated by Hannibal Lecter whcih made for a few interesting moments on the freeway. We seem to be running on LA time in the mornings and NZ time in the evenings which simply adds a few hours extra in the day. So as it's about midnight and we've walked the mean streets of LA all day (and survived!) we'll call it a night. Highlights of the day - Meal at west hollywood. Lowlight of the day - parking in LA's fashion district - was expected to surrender my keys so that attendants could juggle the cars all day as there was not enough room. Quite another world in that part of town - the rest of downtown LA was practically deserted as it was Sunday.

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