Thursday, March 19, 2009

1st Visit with Dr Schwartzman

We arrived in Philadephia yesterday and the weather is quite similar to NZ only with a brisk wind but not too cold. Today Emma had her appointment with Dr Schwartzman at Drexel University Medical Hospital. It was reasurring to meet with a Doctor that has had so much experience and knowledge working with patients that have RSD. He explained many things to us and gave Emma a thorough examination and said she has full-blown/full body RSD, not just her foot/leg where she exeriences the most pain. Through this exam he pointed out to us symptons that Emma has that had not previously been connected to this disease. It was really reassuring and gave us lots of hope. Emma begins treatment on Monday and Dr S. and his team have a special infusion room where they treat RSD patients daily with the treatment Emma is scheduled for. They showed us the room where several patients were undergoing the treatment. He explained that 50% of people that have the coma treatment (that Emma won't have - only available in Germany and Mexico) are pain free but that the outpatient infusion that Emma will have has more varied results. He said that there will be improvement but it is unknown to what extent.

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