Monday, March 23, 2009


Well... been in America for over a week and missing home lots!
it's really cold in philadelphia and can't go outside without millions of layers!
Went to Washington DC in the weekend... was even colder than phili if that's possible.. got too cold an had to go back to our hotel, well i did any way.
The white house was much smaller than i expected... and really white!!! spose that goes without saying though.. there were secret service people on the roof, kinda freaky.
went to the art museum where there were really cool photographs by Robert Frank.
I got to feed this really cute squirrel so i'll post a few photos of it... and other cool stuff we've seen.
Treatment starts tomorrow so pretty hopeful about the outcome :D

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  1. We're each sending you a Hug Emma Just because your loved. So while you're reading these words, don't think of them as just words ... Think of each one as a hug for your heart from ours. Good luck with the treatment. sorry to hear it is soooo cold Love Ruth & Keith