Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emma's View

well had my third treatment of ketamine 2day, feel much better than i did the day before, as i was given medication to stop me being sick. But still can't wait till it's over. I'm looking forward until friday so that i can take the iv out of my arm... it's getting really itchy!
2moro I'll have the maximum dose of ketamine (200mg) so hopefully I'll cope with that dose and can continue with that dose until the end of the treatment.
Sleep back at the house after treatment has been amazing, i haven't had such a good, uninterrupted sleep in years.
Looking forward to coming home and seeing more results from the treatment (hopefully a decrease in pain!!!)
Love to you all,
Emma xxoxx


  1. Hi Emma. You are doing so well.Not sure if you got our earlier message. Today is the 10th birthday of Balloons over Waikato.29 balloons in the sky would be a great sight. You can dream of all the colours and shapes as you get that well earned extra sleep. Love and more hugs
    Ruth xxxx0000

  2. hi ya.. Sleep my sweet and dream ... love from us to you xxx Shaz n Bruce

  3. aww you're so brave!! xoxooxx
    love you!