Thursday, March 12, 2009

Final tests complete and ready to go

Quite a few tests were required before heading to Philadelphia. A full series of blood tests, cardiology tests and a psychiatric clearance were required. The test that proved most difficult to have was a Tilt Table Test. All of the hospitals in our local area had long waiting lists and could not do the tests for several months - which woudl be too late! Thanks to Christchurch hospital for fitting Emma in at short notice. Our only backup option for the test was to have it in Philadelphia at a cost of $1000 US so flying to Christchurch was a great saving! Emma was picked up in Christchurch by her Grandmother, had the test and then spent a very pleasant weekend with family in the south. Emma fainted on the Tilt Table after 10 minutes or so. Her blood pressure returned to normal quite quickly and so it was a good result for clearance for the ketamine treatment. Unfortunately the Doc grabbed her RSD foot to help her gain her balance after fainting. :-( :-( I think Emma needs to wear a sign when seeking medical treatment "Don't touch the foot!".

So tomorrow we fly out Auckland to Los Angeles.


  1. Best of Luck. Hope everything goes well.
    - Lauren Smith

  2. Good luck!! I hope you get to enjoy Philadelphia in between treatments
    - Dylan

  3. Whats the news of the day ???

    Brucie is bike training at the moment for the Grape Ride which is 100kms !! Life is cruising and looking forward to some more pics :)

    Thanks Julian for setting this up.