Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Phili Neighbourhood

Thanks to all of our family & friends in New Zealand for the emails and feedback on the blog. Emma loves hearing from you all. We all really appreciate it.
We are renting the upstairs section of a house in Mt Airy - Germantown, Philadelphia. The place is working out well but a tad chilly! A couple of electric heaters and a big open fire that puts most of it's heat up the chimney! Spring seems to be here according to the trees beginning to bud & blossom but there is a cool wind most of the time. It takes us about 30 minutes to drive down to the hospital in the center of Philadelphia.

Emma has slept for a few hours this afternoon after the treatment and is back to her cheeky old self and her usual appetite for ice-cream has returned.

Strollin' in the 'hood

Upstairs - Our place

The neighbourhood is filled with beautiful old houses

Co-op store across the road provides the food and has a great community atmosphere

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  1. Awesome pics and the buildings are so quaint.

    Thank God for ice cream I say :)