Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 3 Treatment

Another 5AM start to get Emma to the infusion room by 7AM. Today she received the same dose as yesterday (150mg of ketamine over 4 hours). She is taking 1mg of lorazepam morning and night to avoid the bad dreams that ketamine would otherwise cause. She calls these her "Harry Potter pills" as Harry was given something similar after a clash with "you know who". She continues to have midazolam at the beginning and the middle of the infusion to help with nausea and today she was also given something else to stop her being sick. Tomorrow the dose of ketamine will be taken to 200mg over 4 hours and she will continue on this for the rest of the week and all of next week. After the infusion Emma comes out tipsy and quite wobbly. The unsteadiness results in me carrying her up the stairs when we get back to our house. She has something to eat and then falls asleep. She says that she is sleeping the best she has in years. Dr Scwhartzman has said that no-one with RSD sleeps well. After 3-4 hours sleep she wakes and is very hungry again - has a meal and then, of course, a big plate of icecream.
The weather is improving - temperatures have risen quite a bit. Today's walk for Nikki and Luke to see the Liberty Bell while Emma had the infusion was at a relatively balmy 4 degrees C.

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