Thursday, September 30, 2010

Emma wakes!

Fantastic news today - Emma is awake and has been breathing on her own for the
afternoon. The surgeon and doctors are very happy with the results.
Emma is having hallucinations from the ketamine as expected and this will continue for at least the next day but she is doing really well and is remaining quite calm.


  1. Hi Julian,
    Following your blog closely I am very, very happy for you and your family! I wish your family all the best I can think of!


  2. Just saw the post!!! I am so happy right now! Tell me if she has any funny hallucinations like last time with the chair =p. So glad it's all going good now! =D. Love you all lots xxx

  3. Wow that's so awesome to hear. I'm so happy that everything's gone well and she's healing nicely from the surgery. send her my love when she's slightly more aware =]

  4. We are all rejoicing with you! That is fantastic news! Hey Emma, keep that good news coming to us. My love to you all. xx

  5. Fantastic news - well done Emma !!! Sending lots of positive thoughts ..
    Marcia and Ellena