Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 5

This is now Day 5 of Emma’s coma (Day 4 of ketamine), and she continues to improve following the infection from 2 days ago. All of the blood results, x-rays and scans are continuing to improve so Dr Cantu is continuing the ketamine and it has now been raised to 6mg/kg/hour (as per the protocol). Her bowel is continuing to move and do what it is supposed to do, although slowly, but it is OK and they know it will just take time. At this stage, it is estimated that Emma will remain on ketamine for 2 more days and then they will decrease the ketamine to slowly let her wake over the following days.
So she is doing great and she continues to be looking restful and her blood pressure, heart rate etc are good.
Today we met Jessica and her Mum Sarah from New York. Jessica has recently had the ketamine coma and she is in one of the hospital recovery rooms and doing really well. It was great to meet with a family that has had a loved one go through the ketamine coma and we know that Emma will love to meet them in the coming week.


  1. Great to read the updates, and see that Emma's doing well. It must be good to chat with another family that's done this as well...

  2. Hang in there Emma....Things sound like they are progressing nicely. Cant wait for you to wake up and meet Jessica. We have followed her journey since Katie got so sick this past spring. Maybe someday we can actually talk to both of you but until then, we are praying for you!!

  3. Sounds like things are getting better and better. Hang in there guys you are over half way! Got a fishing licence and new rod all ready to take Luke fishing at Lake Benmore. Thinking of you all.

  4. Great to hear of the good news, keep smiling as miracles do happen, thinking of you all.

  5. Hi Julian and Nikki
    Was just wondering how everything was going for Emma so glad to find your blog tonight and see she is going okay. All the best for the next few days while you wait for Emma to come out of the coma -- Jill