Monday, September 20, 2010

Ketamine starts again

We are 4 hours into day 4 of the coma which has started on a very good note. The infection that Emma has been battling with for the last day has responded very well to the antibiotics and other medications. Emma has been paid very close attention by the ICU staff over the last day as they adjusted medications to ensure she was on the right track. The entire team of doctors (3x RSD/ketamine, 1x ICU, 1x gastro, 1x surgeon) were back in her room just 1 hour ago and the mood was very positive. Her liver function has improved to the point where they are happy that reintroducing ketamine will have no negative affect on the infection and that its analgesic properties will be beneficial. Regular blood testing & x-rays are continuing to monitor Emma’s progress and Emma’s temperature is now in the normal range.


  1. oh that is such good news!!

  2. We have been praying for Emma and asking for prayers from our FB friends as well. So glad things are looking up again!! Hugs to Emma and her family