Thursday, September 16, 2010

24 hours to go

After our long wait we are now only 24 hours away from Emma’s "big sleep". The coma will start soon after Emma’s admission, around 9am Thursday 16th (that’s 2am Friday 17th NZ time).

Thank you very much to everyone for all of your support and kind wishes – Emma has been very excited to hear from you all (and we have too)!

The coma is usually started on a Sunday because the hospital is at its quietest but Dr Cantu has to be out of town until tonight so the coma will start tomorrow morning. This coincides with Mexican Independence Day so it will also be a quiet day at the hospital. Independence Day is a bicentennial this year so a really huge event. There are lots of “Viva la Mexico” decorations and items for sale.

The weather in Monterrey has been 30+ degrees every day since we arrived. Some days have had a breeze to clear the smog and the mountains are very beautiful rising 2 miles above the city.

The view from the 12th floor of the hotel

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