Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 6

Today Emma has been taken off all sedation, including ketamine to allow her to begin to come out of the coma. Her lung function and x-ray continue to look really good. One of drugs they have used to sedate her is long lasting so sometime over the next day or 2 she is expected to begin to wake up. They don't want her to wake yet as they'd like a day without ketamine first as she will be much calmer then. Her lab results are getting better each day and her bowel continues to move – albeit slowly. The way her breathing machine works has been altered to allow her to initiate each breath which she is doing well - the machine did it all for her when she was sedated. The Doctors are pleased with her progress and each day she is improving. Everything is on-track, and the Doctors are feeling positive about good pain results, although that won't be known for quite a while yet – so we just wait some more...


  1. Oh wow that sounds fantastic! All the best from this side of the world. Thinking of you all everyday xox

  2. Dear Julian, Nikki, & Emma,
    We are praying for you up here on the 8th recovery floor. Hang in there and remember that God is with you all. If you need any help before she comes up here, please don't hesitate to ask!!!
    In God's love,
    Sarah & Jessica
    Room 845