Friday, October 1, 2010

another bump in the road

Poor Emma spent a very difficult 15 hours awake and off the ventilator yesterday but fluid on her lungs meant that she progressively was not able to get enough air. Unfortunately it was necessary to sedate her and put her back onto ventilation. Since being back on the ventilator her lung X-ray is much clearer already. Medication and a Bronchoscopy (camera & suction) today will be used to clear her lungs even more. When they extubate her again she will not have had ketamine for some time and so they will be able to perform much more thorough tests to make sure she will be able to breathe OK on her own. Emma was very strong yesterday while awake and we know she will continue to fight hard to come through this ordeal.


  1. As you say, just a bump. Courage and strength to you both, healing love to Emma, much love to you all xx

  2. Dear Nikki, Julian & Emma,
    Speaking from our own experiences while here in Monterrey with my daughter Jessica,who also underwent the ketamine coma with Dr. Cantu --- I can only say that there have been many bumps along the way - some harder than others - but through it all - God finds a way to bring our children thru this journey with RSD pain - and in the process He also gives us the strength we need to carry on the fight towards a better life for them --- a life that hopefully does NOT include pain! Emma is a survivor! You know that! She will make it past the "bumps-some bigger than others". These patients that suffer with this disease are fighters - for they have had to deal with pain that is unbearable and for us that have never experienced it firsthand - unimaginable! So - hang in there and keep your faith in a God that is a good God and that only wants good things for our children. Remember, we are here for you - up on the 8th floor..... In God's love always,
    Sarah (Jessica's Mom)

  3. Emma,
    Stay strong! I love you and miss you so much. You are the bravest person I know and I am so proud of you for being so strong. You can get through anything. Keep fighting hard and I will see you soon.
    Love you soo much
    Lots of Love
    Alei x0x0x0x

  4. Us kiwis are made of strong stuff eh Orange family - she will do it with the love and support she is given every day - positive and loving thoughts always . ..
    Marcia and Ellena

  5. Julian, Nikki, and Emma,
    Thinking of you all, we know the road will straighten soon. You are so courageous, and strong for each other. We are so proud of you all and want you to know that our thoughts are constantly with you in mexico.