Friday, August 20, 2010


We went to the Florida Aquarium today, BEST DAY EVER!!!!
Saw lots of turtles!!!!!! I really wanted to steal them all... but didn't think they'd appreciate that too much. Also saw a few cute little tortoises! One of them was walking round his enclosure and kept walking into a bird. The bird didn't really appreciate this and it pecked him on the head... and then he did it again, so two pecks on the head for him. Poor tortoise
We haven't heard word yet from mexico so just waiting for the all clear.
Love to you all x


  1. wow what awesome photos!!!!
    poor birdie hehe

  2. U seem to like the reptiles Em! U should study about them one day...Hope it wasn't too hot at the aquarium.

  3. Cool Turtles Em Love Tess

    Groovy Turtles - some of Freds family?
    Love Charlotte