Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tampa (Day 6)

To date, everything has gone really well for us. Emma's evaluation and testing was quite hard on her but that part is now done. From a research point of view, it was really important to have a base-line to accurately measure improvements. We have now completed everything required of us and Dr Kirkpatrick has recommended Emma for the ketamine coma study. Not everyone that asks to participate in the study is accepted, however luckily for Emma, other than her RSD she is really healthy and has youth on her side. We are waiting now for Dr Cantu in Monterrey to review the tests and also to approve Emma's participation. We are hoping to hear something in the next few days, so we will keep you posted!

After the coma, Emma will need to do regular hydrotherapy exercises, so she tried the hotel pool today to see if she could tolerate the temperature, and although the water is hard for her (she is super sensitive to all touch), she managed to stay in for a couple of minutes. The temperature of the pool is very warm, so it may work out well for her excises post-coma.

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  1. well that's good news, and glad that part is over. My love to you all. xx