Friday, August 13, 2010

Arrived in Tampa, Florida

We arrived in Tampa after 6 hours en route from LA. We had a plane swap in Dallas and Emma had a bit of a run in with the TSA (Transport Security). As she went through the wheelchair access way and missed the scanner they decided that she had to have the full body pat down. So despite our protests they began to do this. Emma turned white even before they got to her legs and was clearly very distressed.
As they touched her legs it was clear they couldn't continue, though they insisted that they must. It was not until we suggested that she go back through and walk through the scanner that they were satisfied. So we learnt something there about avoiding the scanner....don't!

It is very warm and humid in Tampa - about 36 degrees and not much cooler at night with humidity of around 75%. The hotel is very comfortable and like most buildings we have been in, a wave of cool air hits you as you walk in from outside.
We can only go out for a few minutes before becoming very tired.
There are not too many other pedestrians, the standard outdoor "attire" here seems to be an oversized SUV with air-conditioner roaring!

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