Friday, August 13, 2010

First visit with Dr Kirkpatrick

Today we walked (with Emma in the wheelchair) the 3/4 mile to Dr Kirkpatrick's clinic. First we met another patient (and family) in the waiting room.
She is 19 and had come from Denmark to have the type of Ketamine infusions that Emma had last year in Philadelphia.
We had a good meeting with Dr Kirkpatrick and he evaluated Emma's condition and filled us in with more details on the Mexico Ketamine Coma study. He took some base-line measurements of Emma's pain reaction by pressing a pressure gauge onto her skin and we arranged a cognitive function test with another Doctor for Monday.
On Monday we will also see Dr Kirkpatrick again for more evaluations including going over the pre-medical clearance tests Emma has had in NZ and he will make a video of her current physical functionality. It has been a busy week and we are look forward to a couple of quiet days before our next appointment on Monday. Although the traveling has been hard on Emma, she is doing really well and still has a good
appetite and is sleeping a few hours at night.

We just spoke to Aleishia and Luke on skype video. It was great to talk with them and have a catch-up on the week's activities.


  1. Great to see everything going well(except the airport). How did the house look in the background when u skyped the kids?!

  2. I'm glad it's all going well!! Silly airport people. They should know better but no! Glad you had a good convo with aleishia and luke. Should do that when I get home! Love you all,
    Shannon xox

  3. oh so glad to hear your update (yes, except for the silly airport people), thank you so much for keeping us in touch. All our love to you all, from me and Hayden xx

  4. Please tell Emma that we are praying for her!! My daughter Katie is a fellow RSD patient and sees Dr Schwartzman. He has advised her that she will also need to go to NM. She has full body RSD with internal organ involvement as well. I spoke to Emma on FB but we think of her often. Hugs with no touch to her and your family!!