Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 7

Had my 2nd day of Ketamine for week 2 2day and I'm beginning to get quite used to going to the hospital to get an infusion.
My outlook on the infusion has changed a little, I think I'm more hopeful and excited about the outcome and also not scared to go to the hospital as I now know what to expect. It's been really amazing for me meeting other people that have RSD, I'd always felt so alone, that no one could understand, but now I'm sitting in a room, daily, with other people that have RSD too and it feels good to be... normal... I guess that's not the right word, but they just know how it feels.
I've made good friends with Bob and Mary, 2 other patients that started at the same time as me and will finish at the same time as well. They make me laugh when we start becoming more conscious, as they too laugh at me when I'm acting "tipsy". Bob and Mary, and the nurses make the infusion tolerable, even funny at times. I must say it is hilarious when Bob/Mary are more out of it than me, so I understand my family and my new found friends finding me funny when I'm a..bit... out of it.
The ketamine is no longer making me feel sick, and though I'm still tired after the infusion, I prefer to stay awake and my spirits are very high with the progress.
I'm quite excited today because my hands are.. different. I thought they were normal before, but now everything I touch is so much different to how I remember. I'm having a lot of fun playing with my hands, it's more exciting than you could think!!! and I thought that they were normal... haha so I'm looking forward to the next coming days hoping the pain in my foot will subside a little.
I can't wait to get home
All my love


  1. The simple things are so easily overlooked so I am so thankful that you have had feeling back in your hands even though 'out of it' is the norm at the moment !!!

    Bring on Pink Floyd I say. Keep up the excitment and you are never alone !!! xxx

  2. Wow Emma - We're so excited for you and to think you have mates to share being 'tipsy' with each day.
    Can't help thinking how great it will be for you to get back to playing the paino.
    The cuddles with Fred on your return could all be sooo different !
    Let the good times roll. xo xo xo xo

  3. Really pleased for you, lovely to have people that you can share the same sort of experiences with and notice the difference a day can make. Happy birthday for the 2nd Emma. regards.

  4. Happy Birthday for 2day !!! Hope your day is tipsy enough in a good way of course :)

    Fred will be so excited to have you home playing the piano again !! xxx