Saturday, April 4, 2009

10th treatment day

The last Philadelphia infusion has come to an end (boosters will start in NZ in a couple of weeks time). We are all pleased to be taking a break from it and looking forward to a sleep-in tomorrow. Not much change in pain response for Emma today. Unfortunately Dr Schwartzman could not be there today so we did not get to see him for a final consultation. Quite an emotional morning as Emma said her good-byes to hospital staff and infusion buddies. Nikki and I also had lengthy discussions with the parents of another patient who has had the full ketamine coma treatment in Germany. We really have learnt a lot more about RSD and what the options are by talking with other patients and carers and feel that we are very lucky to have been able to see Dr S whose waiting list is so long.


  1. Hope your remaining days are filled with good sightseeing and heaps of shopping before you have to catch the big bird home.

  2. Enjoy the weekend. You all deserve a break from the hospital routine and a sleep in.No doubt you are counting the days till you return to Godzone to get back to your mates Emmy Lou. Sooo much to tell !!
    30deg here today.
    LOL R & K xoxoxoxo

  3. Isn't it great to talk to people that you can relate in these circumstances. Have a fab time looking round before you come back to us. Take care of you all.

    Love Shaz n Bruce xxx

  4. hey hun, you must be glad it's over!
    cant wait to see you back here in nz!