Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 8 Treatment

Emma did not sleep very well last night and was quite uncomfortable going in to the infusion room this morning. She came out happy a few hours later. After a couple of hours rest we headed (at her insistance) to the King of Prussia shopping mall - reportedly the largest on the US east coast. 400 shops......yuk! Made some people happy though!


  1. Happy NZ birthday Emma.
    No doubt the shopping expedition will revive your spirits and perhaps a few special purchases to remember Phily by. All those food and sweet shops to tempt you all ! !
    Cheers sweet seventeen. XXXX

  2. Happy birthday from the Aussie Oranges! Sounds as if you are making some real progress, although not sure if too much shopping is the right thing to do? I guess you are looking for more PinkFloyd CD's!!
    All our love TCB&T

  3. Happy USA birthday Emma.
    We wish you a 'Room full of Roses'
    You get to choose the colour !
    Have an awesome day.
    Cheers and love to all
    R & K ****

  4. Emmaaaa!!!!
    Happy Birthday - i guess it's the correct day over there - time dif etc.
    i hope everything is going to plan and not too uncomfortable!

    hows the ketamime? - anna wants to know? hehe
    JWO wishes you well, they say hi and we miss you.


    yeah have a good day.
    love JWO
    especially from charlotte and georgie and megan and sasha and michael and mrs wolff. :)