Friday, April 3, 2009

9th Day of Treatment & Emma's 17th Birthday

Today Emma arrived at the hospital to be greeted with birthday wishes, gifts and cake from the nurses and patients. The birthday cake was make up of heaps of "Tastycakes" which is something unique to Philly. It was very sweet and of course delicious! After the treatment Emma came home and slept for 5 hours and woke up disappointed to have missed so much of the day! There have been some more improvements - today the pain has slightly decreased in her foot. We have ended the day going out for tea at an Irish restaurant and stopped off for ice cream at a trolleycar icecream parlour.

Thank you very much for all your birthday messages and emails.


  1. Happy Happy to you complete with as much ice cream as you like - colour optional.

    Fantastic to see pain going in the foot and everybody loves you so much Emma back here xxx

  2. hey bub, happy late birthday! sorry it's been awhile since ive been on.
    missing you like crazy, and soooooosooooo happy to hear that your improving!!
    Hatden has been on here but couldnt make a comment because he doesnt have an account i dnt think, but he is missing you too. He kept me updated while i was at maadi. i got a silver and a bronze!! hehe. cant wait till you get back! xoxoxox
    love you baby!