Friday, October 8, 2010

Emma wakes (again)

Best news in many days!
We are so relieved that almost 48 hours ago Emma was woken and extubated. Since then everything is going as expected for the end of a ketamine coma. She has a lot of difficulty breathing due to the pneumonia and the soreness in the throat but the breathing is improving. She is experiencing quite a few ketamine hallucinations, is very active and has not slept a wink since waking. She is beginning to eat and drink a little and most of the medications have been removed.


  1. Hi Julian and family,

    That is great news! Very happy for you,

  2. YAY EMMA!! I'm so proud of you - you are doing so well. I miss you so much but am so happy that you are getting stronger!! Stay strong everyone!! Love you Lots

  3. Fannnnnntastic!!!!!!!!! Lots of love and healing hugs on direct route to you... catch!

  4. Great news, hopefully the hallucinations are happy ones! We continue to pray for a speedy recovery. Love to u all, miss u and thinking of you guys every day...

  5. Dear Emma,
    We are so very proud of what you have accomplished so far! You are an amazingly strong person and we know that God, along with your parents and Dr. Cantu, will see you through all the necessary "small steps" ahead! Way to go! Jessica can't wait to meet you and share "coma" stories with you!
    In God's love, always,
    Sarah & Jessica
    Room 845
    P.S. They make really good "smoothie" drinks here!

  6. Yay Emma! I'm so happy that things are starting to go in the right direction again! I hope that they keep going in that direction. Nikki and Julian you must be relieved! Here's hoping that the hallucinations aren't too bad. Tell her that I love her. Much love to all of you.