Friday, April 9, 2010

What's been happening .............

It’s been nearly a year since we lasted updated the blog and in the last couple of months new plans have begun to take form.

Unfortunately Emma's condition over the latest year has deteriorated rapidly and the RSD has now spread throughout her body. In particular her pain is strongest in her right ankle and left hand. We are making plans for Emma to travel to the USA to participate in a research programme. This treatment option was recommended to Emma a year ago by Dr Schwartzman and has been delivering some excellent results for other patients.

Emma will need to again have pre-medical clearance tests and if these go OK she will undergo a 5 day induced coma in the intensive care unit in Monterrey, Mexico under the direction of Dr Kirkpatrick at the RSD / CRPS Treatment Center and Research Institute in Tampa Florida.

We will continue to update you on Emma’s journey here on this blog.

We have set up a website to help fundraise for this treatment and to raise awareness of RSD. You can find the site here:

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  1. Emma you are an inspiration to me. Julian and Nikki, you are also inspirations to me. I am truely blessed to have met you all and to have had the opportunity to have been part of some of the funraising so far.