Sunday, May 17, 2009

2nd NZ ketamine boosters

Emma had 2 high dose ketamine infusions in Rotorua (14th & 15th) May 2009 over two days. The infusions did not give Emma any pain relief.

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  1. isnt Stephan Neff just fantastic?? Ive had 5 high dose infusions now the biggest one 1100mg and also inpatient low dose over 5 days... We are soo lucky to have him in NZ and that he is in touch with soo many and knows the right people to contact,... I have yet to get reief or a stopping of spreading too but I hope that every infusion gets Emma one step closer to complete pain relief... I think Stephan is organising the 7 of his patients doing the infusions to meet one afternoon... I know ive been put in contact with one other... anyways... all the best... Kylee Black