Sunday, November 14, 2010


We are home at last and it felt so good to touch down on NZ soil! We flew from Monterrey to Houston, on to LA then Auckland and arrived home a few days ago. Emma travelled really well all things considered, as it was a very long way to go. We were all so excited to see Aleishia and Luke who had done so well at home under trying circumstances. Air New Zealand staff were absolutely fantastic to us and very helpful and considerate of Emma's condition (which was a welcome change after going through so many US security checks).

Emma is really pleased to be home and is continuing to improve each day. She will have medical check-ups this week and over the coming months, including an ENT Surgeon for the trac tube removal this week. She tires very easily but is sleeping amazingly well – we are not use to seeing her sleep 8 hours at night so a welcome relief! Emma still has some recovery from all her complications, so she is needing to go quite slow at things but each day she becomes more like the Emma that we know and love.

As part of the research study, we were advised to refrain from asking Emma how her RSD pain is during or after the treatment, but to allow her to tell us how she feels in her own time, if she wants too – and this has been very difficult!! We are hoping that Emma’s friends will also be able to refrain from asking her too. However, soon Emma will be able to update you all on her experience and progress from her point of view.

All of the prayers for Emma and the great support that we received from so many people have helped us all so much through this difficult time. We thank you all. Our prayers have been answered and it is so good to have the whole family back together again.


  1. The news just keeps getting better and better. Aleishia and Luke must be over the moon to see you guys, as you guys are to be together again! We continue to pray that every day gets better and better. Lots of love, jodie, roberto, jessica kayla

  2. Wow, what a long trip home! We are so thrilled for your family! We thank God for the prayers answered and we hope and pray that Emma will recover completely.

    We look forward to reading more updates!

  3. That's so amazing to hear. i'm so glad you guys are back now =]
    Will it be a while before emma is well enough to be seen or is she going to be up to it soon?
    Say hey and send her my love


  4. Welcome back home.i am pleased to hear that Emma is doing fine. i will continue to pray for Emma to get better.
    May (Rami's mum)

  5. Dear Nikki, Julian, Emma and the entire family,
    So glad to hear that you made it safely back to NZ from Monterrey. We miss you guys already, but are so happy that you are able to continue your recovery at home. Emma, you are an amazingly courageous young woman and I know that God's plan for you is a good one so Hang in there and keep fighting and taking the "small steps" as Dr. Cantu always says! Nikki and Julian, it was our pleasure getting to know you while you were here in Monterrey and you will always hold a special place in our heart - along with all the other families that have traveled here to Mexico in their quest to a better life - and control of this awful disease called RSD. Love to all, always, Sarah & Jessica

  6. Such wonderful news - home at last !! Well done Orange family and Emma . . . keep on getting better and stronger - kia kaha
    Marcia and Ellena

  7. I have just returned from a week away in a hospital on the mainland. I am slowly catching up on the news in my email and was so happy to read this one! Yeah Emma!
    As one who has struggled with RSD as well and shared time in Mexico with the fabulous team led by Dr Cantu, I can truly appreciate the joys and delights but also know well the fatigue that grips us and the struggle to return to normalcy as we dream it to be. It is my prayer for you today that you will cherish the words from freinds and famly even in the harder times, that you will receive strength and patience as you pursue your goals and that you will feel well for a very long long time - able to enjoy all that life brings your way. I look forward to meeting you one day (maybe in Tampa or Monterrey?)
    Sending you good wishes and thankfullness for your trip home. Keep us posted as we care deeply how things go for you.

  8. John Roach and Rosemary Di GiovanniNovember 18, 2010 at 2:32 AM

    Dear Emma and Family,

    Ours may be a new name to all of you, but we have followed your journey with RSD and are very happy to hear that things are going well at home. We who have RSD or are the caretakers of a loved one with RSD are all spiritually connected. You have received good advice from the best doctor in Monterrey regarding "taking it slow". Easy to say, but very hard to do. We have learned the hard way how fragile coma patients can be, especially in these early days back home. Take it one day at a time and rest as much as you can. Do what is best for yourself and listen to your body. This was a huge emotional investment you all made and it will pay it's rewards, but patience is the new rule. We think of you often and follow your blog. Our prayer is that we can all celebrate health and new beginnings, so long overdue!

    With all best wishes,

    John Roach (#19) & Rosemary Di Giovanni

  9. Lovely to have caught up with you all after your long flight from Monterrey, we all appreciate the efforts you have put into this blog, and to the hugh efforts of Dr. Cantu to make Emma well again. Take care and god bless.

  10. Such good news that you are home.
    All my love to you Emma
    All my love to you all